Leading AI and Big Data solution provider in the Nordics

Inovia is one of the leading Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solution provider in the Nordics. Our commitment is to unlock unmatched potential in our customers’ data using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. We are proud to be named one of the top AI service providers in Europe.

Strategic advantage through innovation

Our products and knowledge within Big Data and AI creates real business value. We have customers that have increased their profitability with 45% and productivity by 13%. How was this done? Simply by combining their industry knowledge with our software and AI knowledge.

We have during our years of AI development, created a flexible AI framework that allows us to build new products rapidly and create solutions that are tailored to your problems and opportunities. One example is our AI based virtual assist that can easily be deployed in any industry or discipline such as customer support, banking, and HR etc.

We’re proud to be selected as one of the top Artificial Intelligent Solution Providers in Europe.

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Solution areas

Inovia delivers innovations in 3 different areas. Products in Big Data, AI and Services.



Insight is our smart container-based Big Data solution, works either as a stand alone or on-top of any other Big Data distribution. It allows for faster realization of an idea to quick result oriented solutions for any industry.
Our pre-packaged solutions for Telecom, Banking and Health Care will create competitive advantages from start.

AI products and framework

Inovia has AI products that are designed to offer high business value and flexibility in a packaged way. We have AI solutions for auto discovery of GDPR Data (today a lot of this work is done manually). Our AI based GDPR solution will automatically analyze and detect PII data such as names, addresses etc in both structured and unstructured data. We have an AI-based Chatbot (or as we call it Virtual Assistant) that uses your existing documentation to learn the answers on questions.

Professional Services

We're approximately 55 employees and growing, we are all interested in Big Data and AI and our passion is to come up with innovative solutions utilizing the latest technology. So if you need help in a Big Data or AI project don't hesitate to contact oss.

Top 25 AI Service Provider in Europe


The organizations featured on our list are some of the most prominent ones in the industry, listed on their reputation, efficiency and solution offerings.”

– CIO Applications Europe

Inovia is a financially healthy, fast growing software company that’s delivering innovative Big Data and AI solutions. Our success is the direct product of our passionate, innovative and driven team delivering cutting edge big data and AI solutions. Join us!



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