Inovia history - An amazing journey

Inovia was founded 1st of July 2012 with a clear vision of working with Big Data and AI. The founders had all three been working in different projects within the IT industry and saw the need for storing and automatically analyzing huge amounts of data.


Inovia Insight, a modern Big Data Solution, was the first product that got released by Inovia in late 2012. Insight is continuously being updated and released as a container-based solution allowing for rapid deployment and start of any big data project. As soon as Insight was released Inovia released their first Machine Learning framework for analyzing Big data. Adding to this, a few years into the company, Inovia bought a company to gain access to unique AI technologies in the field of NLP and deep learning. Since then, we have continuously been researching and building on these technologies. Recently AIVA (AI Virtual Assistant, chat bot) was released. A data driven AI based intelligent virtual assist, which will revolutionize many service areas requiring lots of human interaction. Another area that Inovia has entered is transcribing voice/audio to text making all recorded audio searchable.


A central part in the success of Inovia has been, and still is, the employees. People with different nationalities, backgrounds and competences coming together with one common goal, to push the limits of what is possible with AI and Big Data!