Trendy companies have implemented chat bots to improve and aid communication internally and externally. The promise has been to reduce cost with automated processes of solving real problems. Most chat bots today are rule based and needs to be programed for exact use cases to deliver value.

Inovia’s self-learning AI based Virtual Assistant utilizes Machine Learning technology to find, analyze, understand and present relevant data for the end user, reducing human interaction with up to 90% bringing customer value from day 1.


We have trained our AIVA to help employees with HR tasks and questions. AIVA has been trained with all Swedish law around employment and other useful data. Then AIVA HR can help with other things such at time reporting, expense handling etc. Or why not ask when a colleague is on vacation or what phone number they have.

AIVA for Customer Service

We have a special version of AIVA that is targeting customer support and the possibility to automate a lot of the handling without a human customer support person.

AIVA for Health Care (Coming soon)

A new revolution how patients are getting help for primary care; more efficient planning, improved doctor and nurse utilization and improved patient experience.