One of the main ideas with Big Data is to save “all” your enterprise data in its native format. This way, when required, allowing for search and find patterns, statistics and relevant information etc. cross all sources of information. If this is done the right way it will help you make decisions based on facts and not gut feeling. However, the challenge of manually finding clues, proof and insights comes with huge data volumes. Most of the data is not informative, redundant, difficult to visualize and only a small portion is interesting.


Inovia’s Insight Artificial Intelligence service addresses this in an automatic way and unleashes the potential in your data. All data from all sources is continuously stored in Inovia Insight Data Lake. Numerous deep learning algorithms run continuously in real time grouping/clustering data, classifying, analyzing for anomalies, similarities, patterns, trends etc. For example, grouping of similar data can induce intrinsic patterns, which can be visualized into a hierarchical graph such as a tree. Coupled with deep reinforcement learning methods and Inovia’s artificial agent performing autonomously actions depending on the situation. This saves valuable time for the user and the amount of irrelevant notifications decreases radically.


Another example is Inovia’s interactive, in real-time, pattern grouping showing results in a more compact and structured way. This will make your business become pro-active instead of being re-active and it will help your business finding faults in a fraction of time compared to manual tracing. Finally, all findings can be visualized in the Insight UI or any other application of your choice.