Enterprise IT security is always high up on the corporate agenda. Finding threats in today’s enormous flow of data streams before they become reality has never been harder. To manually identify and act on threats is an overwhelming task for any IT security department.


Inovia Insight allows storing all logs generated by the enterprise as well as out-of-the-box connection to HP ArcSight, with CEF (Common Event Format). The data from all sources is continuously streamed into the Insight Security Data Lake. All data is archived in a highly compressed distributed format enabling search ability. The cross-data-source search function utilizes the Insight Dark Data Search engine allowing for search to be executed on all data both structured (CEF) and unstructured data logs etc. All data is stored in original format allowing it to be used as evidence if needed in a court of law.


Insight is running on commodity hardware. By using its distributed compressed format allowing for storing all related security information in a very cost effective way. With Insight Big Data UI, you can create reports and analyze your security data and see the unseen.