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IT operations in most companies today feel the pressure on lowering cost but at the same time deliver more. The ability to find bottlenecks, maximize utilization of servers can be the difference between failure and success. It requires the means of being able to see through the complexity and get a holistic view of the IT environment and not only silos of data. Common questions we hear from our customers are:

  • Who is using our infrastructure and how can we distribute cost?
  • Do we have low utilized hardware that we can reuse instead of purchasing new servers?
  • In a case of emergency how do we know whom to contact?
  • After changes to the environment – how can we be sure everything works normally?
  • How can we be more proactive and fix problems before they happen?
  • When we have issues – how do we know if it is a local issue or many servers are affected
  • How do we know what applications

At a large customer with international datacenters Inovia Insight collects data from thousands of servers including

  • Windows and Linux server logs
  • Application usage
  • Performance metrics such as CPU, RAM, Memory disk usage
  • Network infrastructure logs
  • Who is using servers and application

All this data is stored in Inovia Insight. It is automatically enriched with metadata such as cost centers, location, unit price, type etc. This helps departments to gain a much better understanding about the environment and how it is used. This lowers the cost and helps increase quality as wells as drive the company towards a common strategy for investments.