When we’re developing our products and solutions we have one thing in mind – creating customer value. We believe in close cooperation with our customers for instant feedback solving their problems. User-friendly applications, robustness, powerful way of visualizing results and openness for easy access of data have all been contributing to our success.

Inovia Insight

Insight is our smart container-based Big Data solution, works either as a stand alone or on-top of any other Big Data distribution. It allows for faster realization of an idea to quick result oriented solutions for any industry. Our pre-packaged solutions for Telecom, Banking and Health Care will create competitive advantages from start. We can offer our products as Cloud Services or as on site installations.

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AI Products

Inovia delivers a range of AI products that solves different problems. They can be used as stand alone or in combinations to ensure maximum business benefits.

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We’re experts in AI, and have deep knowledge in the different disciplines of AI. Please feel free to contact us and we’re happy to  introduce you to our large AI team, to discuss existing products or assisting you in your AI projects.

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