Inovia AI Products

We have developed an AI based framework that make deep learning projects even easier, it gives additional value to frameworks such as Tensorflow, allowing AI project to get lower cost, higher quality and deliver faster.

We have also ready to use AI based products for different use cases such as:

  • Image analysis
  • Image to Text (OCR)
  • Cognative Search
  • AI Query assist
  • GDPR Auto Discovery for automatic data labeling.

IoT Intelligent Hub

The IoT Hub is designed to connect single devices to the internet and send data to the Data Lake.

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IoT Image Recognition

The Inovia IoT Image Recognition device has a camera with a built in compute power automatically analyzing pictures and convert into digital values. Images and values are compressed and sent by the IoT Hub to Insight for analysis (both manual or automatic through Machine Learning).

Depending on your requirements, all our sensors including the Image Recognition device can be shipped for outdoor use in a rough casing with solar power supply and battery. The other option is for indoor use.

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Saxnäs Hydro Plant

Read how Inovia Internet of Things end-to-end solution increased Saxnäs profitability by 35% and production rate by 16%.

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