Insight is our smart container-based Big Data solution, works either as stand alone or on-top of any other Big Data distribution. It allows for faster realization of an idea to quick result oriented solutions for any industry. Our pre-packaged solutions for Telecom, Banking and Health Care will create competitive advantages from start. We can offer our products as Cloud Services or as on site installations.

Why Inovia Insight?

Your company is full of all kinds data. Why not use it to make intelligent decisions?

It is designed to help you compose a greater level of understanding of your business based on your own corporate data.

  • Easy to capture/collect or integrate to any type of data source. It contains an EAI layer, allowing for rapid integration and ETL.

  • Handle huge amount of data with quick response time.

  • Free-text search on massive amounts of data.

  • Simple way of collecting, sharing and analyzing metrics collected from infrastructure and other IT related sources.

  • Machine Learning supports to find root causes and trends.

  • Clustered and supports high availability.

Make intelligent decisions and predictions based on your data

Every device, every transaction and every member of your staff is generating lots of data about your business. This data holds valuable insights how to optimize your business both from an operational and competitive point of view – if you are able to get your head around it…

Inovia Insight lets you view your historic data, analyze in real time, understand trends, predict future behavior affecting your business.

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Analyze your data efficiently

It is time to take control of the greatest asset of intelligence, your business data. Inovia Insight is equipped with the most modern ease-of-use user interface, giving the user full control of thousands of Giga bytes of data, cross data source manipulation, powerful machine learning algorithms, dynamic dashboards.

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Get Certified

In order to get the most of your Inovia Insight platform or boost your general knowledge regarding Big Data, Inovia offers certification on different levels. We certify experts on 4 different levels.

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