Inovia Insight is a complete Big Data solution often called a Data Lake. Easily filled with any kind of data, such as system logs, ERP data, Telecom data, etc. Inovia Insight allows you to analyze your data in near real time, search across sources, filter, enhance data from external sources, calculate and correlate your data in a powerful User Interface called the Workbench. The Workbench makes analysis, search and building reports, based on your data, easy. Insight also supports automatic analysis based on a machine-learning framework. It helps the user see answers in the data impossible for a human.

Search everything across platform, application – at the same time in real time!

Inovia Insight allows you to search across all your data, in real time. No matter format or source, everything is searchable and can be part of analysis and reports. Create your own specific search queries and have them executed on a schedule feeding into a ppt report, PDF, dashboard, etc. Or create global query for anyone to use.

Complex findings – easy presentation

Sometimes complex queries and theories result in great findings. But if you can’t communicate the result in an understandable way, it may never come into use. With Inovia Insight you can communicate with your audience in their preferred way, without the use of IT-staff. Design dashboards using drag & drop. Create presentations without knowing the inside out of PowerPoint. Generate graphs to be presented on the intranet.