With Inovia’s Data Anonymizer, the organization can protect sensitive data but still use the data for valuable business analysis for any person in the organisation. It is GDPR compatible and ensures that the personal information can be handled in a secure and smart way. Such as credit card number is preserved yet anonymized and doesn’t contain any information that can be decrypted. However, in our solution we can ensure that selected individuals with security clearance in the organization can unlock the information. The GDPR Anonymization solution is built on Inovia’s generic Data Anonymizer that is being used within the telecom business in another context. This proven solution is being used in massive scale with hundreds of thousands messages per second.. It is also compatible with the well-known Data Lake solutions such as Hortonworks, Mapr, Cloudera, Elastic Search. The GDPR anonymizer covers artical 25 of the GDPR Requirements.