Some of our AI projects

We have been working on AI projects since the start of Inovia. We have done interesting customer projects such as:

Make the HR department allot more effective using our HR Artificial Intelligent Virtual Assistant (AIVA), that has been trained on swedish employment laws and internal HR informaiton. Serves employees with tasks such as time reporting, answers questions about VAB etc. Increasing the employee satisfaction and removing work from HR department allowing them to focus on even more important items.

Predicting the usage of compute power in data centers, the project was able to predict the usage of virtual serves 100 days into the future with high accuarcy. This gave allot of benifits as the customer could save allot of money, they had around 8000 servers.

Identify problems in complex networks, by using a set of ML algroritms we were able to pinpoint the problem in a large network with high complexity that normal monitoring tools was unable to identify the abnormalty

Intelligent logg analysis, with this special cluster ML technology we could give devops the right information at the right time, where the environment consists of a large set of applications and servers.

And allot more project, get in contact with us and we can talk more about the different projects

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