Inovia is searching for our next team member who will help us to develop our world-class AI systems. You will be part of a well-functioning AI/Machine Learning team and work on a variety of challenging applications.

You are an experienced Machine Learning Engineer with at least 5 years of experience in working with advanced model development and experience in applying data science methods to business problems. We want you to have hands-on experience on working with relevant frameworks and programming languanges such as Phyton, Java, Scala, etc.

We want you to be initiative, creative and curious. We believe you enjoy your role as a problem solver and be at the heart of the development of our AI system.

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We offer you...

  An opportunity to grow and learn more on Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence in a Big Data company.

  A big variety of projects from IoT to Pattern Recognition (NLP, Image, Speech…) where Machine Learning is the solution.

  A working environment that promotes freedom of expression, with a variety tasks and learning opportunities.

♥  Employment in a niche company with flexible working methods and short decision paths

♥  Participation in the decision-making process for product development

♥  A diverse working environment with international and Swedish customers

♥  Attractive salary package including: private health insurance, pension insurance, and wellness allowance.


♥  You will be part of a well-functioning Scrum team and work with a variety of tasks, often at the forefront of technological development.

♥  We are looking for someone with extensive knowledge of object-oriented system development for multi-layer architectures. You are familiar with the frameworks and technologies that are common in modern architecture.

♥  We want you to be entrepreneurial, committed and creative. We believe you enjoy your role as a problem solver and the creation of sustainable platform solutions.



♥ Are passionate about Statistics or Artificial Intelligence and are always keen to learn more

♥ Have experience with ML methods in a Large Scale setting

♥ Are up to date of the latest ML technologies and methods

♥ Have worked with technologies like Spark MLLib or TensorFlow

♥ Possess a keen interest in developing new ML algorithms

♥ Hands-on experience in programming

♥ Experience with one or more of the following: Natural Language Processing, Classification, Learning-to-Rank, Clustering, Reinforcement Learning, Collaborative Filtering, Pattern Recognition, Speech Recognition or similar.

♥ Spark or Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) programming experience.


♥  This role requires a high level of technical interest. Any University degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or related technical field is highly desirable (M.Sc or Ph.D is a plus). Otherwise, well-documented qualified experience is required.

♥  The role is independent and requires you to take responsibility and be initiative. You need to be able to see the whole as well as the details. We believe you have a great interest in continuous learning, and several years of experience in different Machine Learning projects would be an advantage. And then if you are easy going, creative, curious, focused, and with effective communication skills, we definitively want you!

Apply for this position!

 Write a personal letter, enclose your CV and email it to us at

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