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Hydro power plant from the 60s.

It started as a hobby project when a family from the district took over the Saxnäs hydro station from Vattenfall.

With their interest in technical solutions, the vision was born of how to achieve efficiency and profitability in technology from 1968.


Distant location and no internet.

To start with, Saxnäs is far away in northern Sweden, far beyond settlement. The owner visited the station twice a week and sometimes he was met by production failure  due to a malfunction in turbine. 

He realized that the hydro station had to be connected to the internet. To make the operation profitable, it needed also equipped with surveillance and various alarm functions.

Inovia Solution

Centralizing data

The project started off by installing sensors for monitoring of vital parts; to measure performance, data from the turbine speed, heat on turbine bearings, monitoring of analogue meters with Al-based imagery, measurement of precipitation, measurement of the depth of water in the upstream lake etc.

The data collected by sensors  and cameras are then sent to Inovia’s Data Lake Insight where analysis is carried out by the hydro plant performance.

To further increase profitability, external data was added such as weather forecasts to be able to predict rainwater levels – how much water the pond should be filled with.

Additional data from the energy market were also linked, to get indications of how much should be produced and the timing of appropriate sale. The IoT solution not only increased reliability but also gave decision support at production and sales to optimize investment.

The result is that the IoT initiative has given:

• Increased operational reliability.

• Decision support for production and sales.

• Ability to predict problems and failures, be able to fix them before they occur.

• Trend analyzes

• Possibility of remote operation.

This has meant:

• 46% increased profitability

• 13% increase in production

• Reduce CO2 pressure


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