Hydro power plant from the 60s.

It started as a hobby project when a family from the district took over the Saxnäs hydro station from Vattenfall.

With their interest in technical solutions, the vision was born of how to achieve efficiency and profitability in technology from 1968.


Distant location and no internet.

Saxnäs is far away and time consuming to visit and lacked internet.

Simple malfunctions could stop the entire power production.

The station did not have equipment for monitoring nor any types of alarm functions.

Inovia Solution

Installing a Date Lake.

Internet connected, added sensors and cameras for monitoring.

Connect the sensors to a data lake for analysis.

Added external data such as weather forecasts and data from the energy market.

• Data lake provides decision support

• Avoid problems, not fix

• Trend analysis – reduced risk

• Remote and automatic control of production


Increases operational reliability

Decision support for production and sales

Predicting problems

Provides trend analyzes

Enables remote operation

Sensor data collected: 1.7 million data points into a Data Lake

• 970k image analysis (pressures, amps)

• 436k temperature readings (bearings, air, water temp)

• 256k digital booleanreadings (alarms)

• 185k water depth readings

• Weather data (temp/rain/snow)

•Price data


• All time monthly production records
9 of the latest 12 months (1938-2015).

• Pin-pointed 50 y.o. problems

 46% increased Profitability

 13% Production increase

 Lower CO2 & increased sustainability

 Monitoring of Environment (Dams etc)


The Data Lake that fits all the way and lets you grow.

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