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Our vision is to make customer service 100% seamless.

We’ve been delighting our customers – and their customers – with practical, useful, real-world, cost-saving AI since we were founded in 2012.


Available positions.

We’re always looking for new talents. Check out all open positions and contact us if you have a question.

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Open for partnerships!

We love new ideas, 1+1 always ends up far more exciting. And the most interesting things are not done yet.

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Equality is reached.

Passion for our business unites this mixed group. We take our core values seriously and Equality is one of them.

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Fighting cancer!

Inovia is participating in the European project IMPACT, with aim to save people with brain cancer.

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How it all began.

Finding a gap in the IT industry was the start point for our successful journey.

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Matching UN goals.

AI is expected to affect all 17 goals. We list those we target immediately.

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