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The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly with large volumes of data.

The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly with large volumes of data and increasing challenges in cost and patient outcomes. 


Clinicians are often overworked, and Health care centers are understaffed. Various studies estimate a diagnosis error rate of 10 – 15% due to lack of time which has a huge impact on those patients and the providers.


Take off workload for doctors and nurses with AI-based virtual assistant doing all administration.

Inovia AI has developed an Intelligent AI-based Virtual Assistant called Digital Clinic that will streamline clinical workflows and raise patient engagement to the next level.

Empowering doctors and nurses.
Inovia’s Virtual Assistant Digital Clinic aids a healthcare organization to collect demographic information, patient health history, diagnosis & prescription options, access data health records, improve patient discharge & follow up treatments, improve communication between providers, data mining and analysis of all the records.

Empowering patients.
Inovia’s Virtual Assistant Digital Clinic enables patients to naturally communicate in a chatbot to get their health-related queries answered to help them stay on track.

Lowering costs.
It is observed that increasing patient engagement and improving self-management skills for chronic disease will greatly reduce healthcare inefficiencies.

Further the Virtual Assistant facilitate healthcare organizations to reallocate their IT and human resources to overcome the rising health IT costs. This in turn assist the organizations to increase healthcare quality, patient satisfaction, and patient outcome with the same or fewer number of employees.

Inovia Solution

Inovia Enterprise AI - enabling all industries to use the power of AI.

When we founded Inovia AI, we had one vision in mind – to help clients unleash the power of data. To reach our goal we created a flexible AI framework that allows us to build new products rapidly and create solutions that are tailored to our client’s challenges and opportunities.

The result is Inovia Enterprise AI Platform with AI Microservices or Pre-packed AI Solutions that enables all kinds of industries use the power of AI to solve business and social challenges.

Inovia Enterprise AI is outstanding platform for automatic machine learning that empowers data science teams to scale by dramatically increasing the speed to develop highly accurate predictive models.

The healthcare industry is a key focus for Inovia AI with an initiative to help develop intelligent AI healthcare solutions.


AIVA - a truly intelligent Virtual Assistant

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