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Document efficiently – simply by speaking.

Never mind typing again. Just use your voice to create reports, medical dictates, emails or any time-consuming administration and have it transcribed in real time.

With our next-generation AI-driven speech engine your dictates and transcriptions are securely made within seconds. The plugin Jobs handles your workflows and puts the transcript in assigned  fields, templates, and systems. Just review and approve. 


Time saver

Dictate anywhere - transcript in real time.

Dictate, track, edit and approve tasks on iOS, Android and desktop. Inovia’s  Speech recognition deliver the full dictation workflow with real time transcription at the point of action.


Unbeatable high accuracy.

Our algorithms have an amazing rate of accuracy, on any voice or dialect. Far better than any human can achieve! No need for pre-training or special equipment.

Index and text search

Transcription makes content 100% searchable.

Automatically transcribe speech from a conversation to text. Rapidly identify and transcribe what is being discussed and make the recorded material 100% searchable, in real-time.


Digital Dictation

Voice enable your documentation.

Improve administration efficiency by allowing your employees to use their voice to securely capture documentation. 

Inovia’s speech recognition solution uses neural networks to manage the full document workflow. Install the software and start using immediately – no need to especially train the AI-engine on your voice and no special equipment needed.

Trancribe with AI – exceptional accuracy

Eliminate transcription time – and costs.

Remove dependencies on outsourced transcription services.  Reallocate support staff to more high-value tasks. With Inovia speech recognition – the transcription is made in real time. No extra work.

The core technology in the transcription engine is our advanced NLP, NLU and AI algorithms . It has state of the art accuracy. It works for any voice or dialect – and will do the job better than any human can.

Index and text search​

Transcription makes content 100% searchable.

Voice recognition makes content searchable and fully indexable. The software automatically transcribes speech (live or recorded) from a conversation and turn it into text in real-time.

A Job-robot

A magic helper to place your transcription where you want it.

When your transcript is done, a mini robot will help you insert the text into pre-decided fields, correct template and system.

The plugin has an easy to use, step-by-step interface where you set up the job flow that suits your tasks.

Voice control

No more typing – also control the software with your voice.

Inovias voice to text solution is completely handsfree. Not only the service is typeless. Use your voice for commands also. 


Keep track with analytics.

Access real-time data metrics to provide insights and discover potential process improvement.

The dashboard has a clean design and intuitive user interface. It lets you create any type of analytics you might need. Just place the graphs, speedometers, pie charts etc in a preferred order to support your analysis workflow.

More features

Knowledge base


Handy how-to-documentation and tutorials online, for an easy start. Explore features with step-by-step-guides.


Computer Assisted Coding.

Provides foundation to utilise Computer Assisted Coding (CAC), to build workflows that capture structured terminology.


Connecting with API.

Easy to integrate Inovia’s speech recognition into any system using flexible web-hooks, open APIs and SDKs. 

Security and compliancy

Always safe-guarded.

Our solutions and hosting infrastructure, uses a set of industry defined, risk- and compliance-based security standard encryption methods throughout the workflow. With audit-able logs for data retention and anonymization controls, our clients are ensured end-to-end security and confidentiality.


Cloud or on-premises.

 We offer on-premises and cloud-based deployments with secure back-end integrations. Customized if needed. Let us know what you prefer, and we’ll make a perfect fit.

User access

Centrally manage accounts.

Easily manage user accounts, profiles and multiple levels of user roles. Administrate collaboration over disparate teams.

Solution areas

Intelligently documenting with voice – for archiving or analysis.


Medical dictation with AI transcription.

Empower physicians to capture the patient story with ease when dictating. The transcription feeds directly into the EHR system.

Read the use case  >


Interrogation documentation.

Speed legal documentation turnaround times. Eliminate transcription bottlenecks. Free support staff to focus on high-value and billable tasks.

Phone support

Compliant customer service.

An excellent tool for Customer Service when speech files like phone calls need to be searchable documents. For  business analysis and to stay compliant with regulations.

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