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Management team – equal together.

We’re focused and dedicated to implement our core values in every corner of the organisation as well as in our work processes. One of our five values is to bring equality to the table. So far,  we’ve succeeded well in management team.

Marcus Ekendahl, founder & CEO

"Working with innovation and research in the forefront, requires many skills. Teamwork built on diversity and different competencies is necessary to make the impossible – possible!"


Marcus has over 20 years of experience from the IT industry. He holds a Bachelor in Computer Science, a Master in Economics and an Executive MBA from Henley Business School.

Linda Ohlsson, HR manager

“Where there is PASSION – there is WILLINGNESS. Where there is willingness – there is FORCE. Where there is force – there is ENERGY. Where the passion goes – ENERGY FLOWS.”


Linda has a long career in HR with Office management positions. She has a broad experience from international companies in several industries including media, finance, car, construction and tech.

Håkan Schön, founder & CTO

"Working at the frontier with new technology requires talented staff, and trust that things get done. We've got both!"


Håkan has been in the IT Business more than 20 years. He started his career in the ERP Business. Håkan holds a Bachelor in Computer Science.

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