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Inovia's history

An amazing journey in releasing the power of data with AI.

Inovia was founded 2012 by us, three former colleagues with a clear vision of all the opportunities to discover by combining Big Data with AI. With our double backgrounds in computer science and economics we see data from two opposite ways; the scientific development perspective and the business opportunities that lies within for our customers.

The very start

Finding the gap.

We all three had been working in different projects within the IT industry and saw the need for storing and automatically analyzing huge amounts of data. Therefore, focus from start has been to create tools to make data easily reachable, store and analyze in a natural way.

The first product to be released by Inovia was Insight – a modern Big Data solution, in late 2012. Insight is still an amazing solution, continuously updated and pushed as a container-based solution allowing for rapid deployment and start of any big data project.

The future

It was clear - the future lies within AI.

As soon as Insight was delivered to the market, Inovia went on to the next project; to develop a Machine learning framework to analyze Big data. To speed up the development, we bought a company to gain access to unique AI technologies in the field of NLP and Deep learning. The first AI software to be released was an AI-based virtual assistant. By being data-driven, it will revolutionize many traditional support service areas where normally lots of human interaction is required.

Ever since, we have continuously been researching and building on these technologies, and we’ve

Investment partner

Welcome Verdane Capital!

As more and more companies realizes the opportunities with AI, we have experienced an increasing demand for our services and solution platforms. With Verdane Capital as a partner with their experience from building fast-growing technology companies, we plan to accelerate our expansion further.

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